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Viminacium domus

Where To: Spend A Day Out Of A City

If you have a day available and would like to meet more of Serbia than just Belgrade, there are some beautiful and exciting places that can be easily reached from the city within about an hour drive.

Viminacium Archeological Park http://viminacium.org.rs

Viminacium used to be one of the most significant Ancient Rome legion camps in Danube and a capital of the Ancient Roman province that occupied a large part of Serbia, northern Macedonia and a part of Bulgaria. Today it is a valuable archeological site and a unique time travel destination that brings you back to the ancient times. There are many exhibits and activities available in the park complex including the mammoth park and we specially recommend it to families with children.

Average duration time of the visit is 2,5 hours

Location: Arheološki park Viminacium, 12208 Stari Kostolac bb, Srbija

Distance from Belgrade: 95 km highway e-75, 35 km local road from Požarevac

Izvor: viminacium.org.rs

Zasavica nature reserve http://www.zasavica.org.rs/

Nature reserve Zasavica is a lush green area surrounded by river and waters. It is rich in flora and fauna and some of the spices are unique to the area such as furry and curly mangulica pig. The most expensive cheese in the world is made out of donkey milk right here in Zasavica. This is the place where you can meet and explore true nature, take a boat drive through the reserve, have a photo safari and taste some delicious local delicacy.

Average duration time of the visit is 3h plus

Location: west from Belgrade in Srem, Vojvodina near Sremska Mitrovica town

Distance from Belgrade: about 87km, a highway takes you to Sremska Mitrovica and a local road from there to the reserve.

Izvor: zasavica.org.rs

Salaš 137 www.salas137.rs

Spending a day at a traditional farms of Vojvodina commonly called “Salasi” is a unique experience and a genuine getaway from the fast paced city life. Here it seems as if the time has stopped and Salas 137 is an excellent choice to enjoy authentic local ambience, relax in the nature, taste some delicious food and wine or take a horse ride or a horse coach drive.

Average duration time of the visit is 3h plus, reservation prior to visit is mandatory

Location: Međunarodni put, 21233 Čenej (Novi Sad), Srbija

Distance from Belgrade: 8okm, a highway takes you to Novi Sad and a local road from there to the destination.

Sremski Karlovci http://www.karlovci.org.rs/

A lively and picturesque small place situated at the base of the Fruska Gora mountain and right next to Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci itself represents a unique cultural, architectural and historical monument of 18th and 19th century due to its rich heritage. Patriarchy residence with its Treasury museum, the most monumental 19th century building in Vojvodina and a Chapel of Peace; a historical monument to the famous Karlovci Peace Treaty between Christian Alliance and Turkey in 17th century when the round table was used for the first time in diplomacy ever; the building of the first Serbian Grammar School; City Museum of Novi Sad are just some of the many places to visit in this town full of museums, galleries and magnificent buildings. You can also enjoy the nature of the nearby Fruska Gora mountain or relax on the Danube river bank.  Taste some of the local delicacies and don’t miss a visit to some of its many wineries to discover the secret of a unique to Serbia traditional desert aromatic wine Bermet that the town is famous for. Bermet wine of exceptional taste has been produced here for centuries, served at the Vienna Court and was exported even to America from the mid 19th century.

Average duration time of the visit: 4h up to a whole day

Location: north from Belgrade in Vojvodina near Novi Sad

Distance from Belgrade: 95km via highway E75 its about 1h20min drive or you can take a scenic route E70 via Fruska Gora mountain that is 97km from Belgrade and about 2h drive.

Topola – Oplenac – Aranđelovac  

Area perhaps mostly known for its royal heritage, it is also a home to beautiful green hills, mineral water and spa springs, vast vineyards and delicious wines. Take a tour through historical complex in Topola and Oplenac, a heritage of the king Petar I and Karadjordjevic royal family. A must visit is the church of St George and mausoleum of Karadjordjevic royal family on top of the Oplenac hill. The interior of the church is covered in a 40 million pieces mosaic masterpiece with 725 painted compositions. http://www.oplenac.rs/wp/

Near Topola and Oplenac, there is a town of Aranđelovac known for its mineral water springs and a spa destination. At the very entrance into the town you will find a Risovaca cave we recommend to visit. The cave exhibition pictures the Neolithic period and numerous extinct species found here. http://www.risovackapecina.rs/

The whole region is famous for vineyards and wines and there are many wineries you can visit to taste and purchase some exquisite wines. We recommend  http://vinarijaaleksandrovic.rs/Home that has a nice restaurant in the very vineyards with a gorgeous view on the lush green surroundings.

Average duration time of the visit: Topola Oplenac tour 4h plus; Risovaca cave 1.5h

Location: south from Belgrade, central Serbia

Distance from Belgrade: Topola is about 8okm and Arandjelovac about 75km from Belgrade, routes A1 and A25, part of the journey you can take a highway and the rest is a good local road.

BSWC “Four Feathers Estate” Multi-Use Space & Residences

Facebook/ BSWC “Imanje Cetiri Pera” Multi-Use Space & Residences

A perfect place to just relax and spend a day outdoors, swim and sunbathe in this unique luxurious estate.

Average duration time of the visit: open hours are from 11h to 19th, reservation prior to visit is mandatory

Location: north from Belgrade in Vojvodina near Perlez, Beogradski put 274,Vikend zona, Perlez

Distance from Belgrade: 50km north from Belgrade

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