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Where Can You Eat in Belgrade?

Be sure that you won’t stay hungry in this city. Dinning culture has always been rich in Serbia, as well as in Belgrade. Locals usually eat in bakeries and kiosks, and  occasionally in kafanas and restaurants. The most famous breakfast is burek (cheese or a meat pie) with yogurt. It’s a hungover killer, very tasty and full of fat. You should also know that Belgrade isn’t very vegan friendly. Serbs are meat lovers and the most of Serbian traditional cuisine is consisted of meat.

On kiosks Serbs usually buy kebabs, pljeskavica and sausages. There’re different kinds, such as: gurmanska pljeskavica (stuffed with cheese and bacon) , leskovacka pljeskavica(with hot pepper) , sarajevski cevap (small kebabs with onion and mustard)..etc. Those are usually the specialties.

The best places to try Serbian traditional dishes are definitely kafanas-traditional restaurants. The most famous ones are situated in Skadarska street in the city centre. Skadarska was a bohemian hang-out of artists, writers and poets in the early 20th century. Today this well-known cobbled street is a home of numerous restaurants and bars, such as: Dva Jelena, Sesir moj, Zlatni Bokal, Putujuci Glumac, Skadarlija, Red bar and so on.

We would recommend kafana “Dva Jelena” (2 Deer) which enjoys tradition over 150 years. It looks as old wooden village house with two open air gardens.   Menus for which kafana got famous were created in the 1921 and 1928 by the chef Zarko Dačić. Noazete for two persons (fillet, mushrooms, brains on grill, sauce of cream and bones), steak Čika Đura,various medallions (with mushrooms, grilled on Skadar way), lamb and pork, are just some of the dishes, which give a special look to the gourmet restaurant. Seafood specialties such as smoked trout, squid, red fish are also on the menu. In addition to a large selection of grilled specialties, meat and cooked dishes, the restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes, and desserts such as tufahija, ice cream, pancakes au gratin, orasnica, etc.

In downtown, in the neighborhood of Kosancicev Venac stands the oldest kafana in Belgrade, called the “Question mark”. As Skadarlija, this was also a popular hung- out of bohemians, poets and writers. Nowadays, Question mark is more oriented towards tourists. Restaurant offers a spirit of old Belgrade and serves traditional specialties.

In case you are located, or visiting Zemun we would point out  restaurant Šaran on the Danube promenade. It’s well known Belgrade restaurant where you can hear proper traditional music and eat seafood as well as meat specialties in combination with Serbian wine.

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