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What benefits do different apartments in Belgrade offer?

Are you planning a longer visit to a location, city, country? In that case, staying at a hotel is not the best solution for you. While the hotel can provide you with comfort and security, in the long run it ceases to be an economic choice. Hotel? By no means.

The perfect alternative to this are, of course, comfortable apartments. They are not only significantly cheaper. They offer amenities that cannot be found in hotels. Or at least they are far better than them. Sometimes, on the other hand, these apartments offer only the most basic, but in agreement between the apartment owners and the guest, all answers can be achieved and all variations of the offer can be harmonized to suit both parties. Hence the differences in the price of renting apartments, which are seemingly identical in terms of spaciousness and equipment.

Many apartments are extremely equipped with all possible devices. There are, for example, washing machines and dryers, home cinema, whirlpool tubs, central air conditioning… Many things can be found in apartments ranked in higher categories. If, by any chance, you hate washing your own laundry, it is very likely that you can find a service nearby that will do it for you. Apartments, like hotels, offer the highest level of security to their guests. Therefore, you do not have to worry about personal belongings and values ​​that you took with you and leave them in the apartment when you go on a tour of the surroundings or similar. When you return, everything will be in its place, just as you left it before you left. So, the apartments are, at least, as safe as the hotel rooms.

Apartman u Beogradu Molerova, strogi centar Beograda

How are apartments cheaper than hotels?

View from the Urban Zen apartment

Apartments – a great opportunity for business people

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