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Visit Beton Hala Restaurants on the Riverfront

Beton Hala by Maja Simov

Our previous article was dedicated to Belgrade’s creative district and hub Savamala. So, today we continue in the same direction. Guiding you through the most interesting and the coolest venues in Belgrade.

Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) stands in 2-4 “Karadjordjeva” street, in the neighborhood of Savamala. It is located near the city harbor, on the Sava river. The current Concrete hall in the first decade of this century is intensively used for tourism, hospitality and commercial purposes, especially with arrival of foreign tourists and citizens of Belgrade revealing great potential of Belgrade rivers.

Beton Hala contains the entire line of trendy restaurants and clubs. Communale, Italian restaurant. Represents on of the best designed interiors in town. The pioneering effort of many Serbian caterers and restaurant owners to introduce community tables almost never come to fruition. Here interior designer Aleksandar Rodić manages an uncompromising space full of just this with no alternatives. The aesthetics are clean and monochromatic, as the architecture of the space itself.

One of the most famous places on the riverfront is definitely Cantina de Frida. Crowded by day and by night when it works as a lounge. The concept of the restaurant is inspired by the life and the work of Frida Kahlo. Spanish and Mexian dishes are on the menu. As we remember, food is one of the best in Beton Hala.

Iguana. Asian food restaurant, a bit more expansive than others at this location, but offers jazz nights, live bands and nice cuisine. Stuff is very pleasent. Interior is modern and minimalistic and fits into the entire appearance of Beton Hala.

Toro restaurant

Toro latin gastrobar. Our favorite place. Mixed interior, enriched with a lot of cool details. The first level is laid back: walls of white bricks and wood, comfortable sofas, colorful wooden and plastic chairs, wallpapers and open kitchen. While, the second level is more refined. The concept of the restaurant offer is based on small plates and South American flavors. Cocktails are awesome and the food is fresh. Cool music selection and descent prices.

Sakura. Nice looking lounge and Asian food restaurant. One of those hip places in the city.
Good restaurant for sushi and sea food lovers and people who like to feel trendy.

Beton. Up-market club that features house and r’n’b’ music. On of those poser type city clubs. Fancy outfits and selfies.

Kran club

Also, there’s one newly open multi-purpose space called Kran.
Kran stands on the beginning of Beton Hala. Definitely more alternative than the other we mentioned so far. Very catchy interior design, a bit traditional and a bit vintage.
Works as a restaurant, cocktail bar and a club that supports jazz, rock and blues musicians.

You can park on the rooftop garage if you are traveling by car. If not, tram 2 will lead you to this venue. Or you can walk from the city centere, It will take you around 15 to 20 minutes.

Prices are similar in all Beton Hala restaurants. Ranging from 4 to 20 euros.

If you need accommodation near the riverfront, City Break Apartments can provide nice looking and fully equipped apartment Savamala, apartment Palace 29 and apartment Soho. Just to note that city center is very near, 10 minutes by foot from Savamala, where you can also find cozy and good looking Belgrade apartments provided by our company that operates in Belgrade for many years.

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