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Top 6 Adventures You Need To Experience In Belgrade Before You Die

Have you tough about searching for a true adventure in Belgrade? We are not talking about escape rooms that you can find almost on every corner of the glob. We have some other interesting ideas, therefore we have selected a several options for City Break Apartments clients. So, Let’s pick your favorite city adventure. 

Kayaking on the rivers 

You have probably already heard that Belgrade stands on the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. This precise location opens possibilities for water sports and swimming in the lakes and rivers. Whether you have experience kayaking or not you are going to feel the wonder of this water sport. You will move through water and see the beauty of the wildlife while exploring hidden barges, coastlines, bridges, islands, river beaches and reggae rafts.

There are few kayaking tours in the offer such as Ada Medjica Kayaking Tour, Lido Kayaking tour and Six Bridges of Sava river tour.

Bungee Jumping 

Another more extreme option is Bungee Jumping, high-adrenaline sport which you can try in the island of Ada. Construction for bungee jumping consists of fixed crane with platform that can reach height of 55 meters. Before and during jump, trained professionals will assist you with anything that you could possibly need for your high-adrenaline jump. In case you are not interested in this kind of adventure, you can always find something more “light” such as water skiing or visiting adventure park

Watching Sunset From Kalemegdan Fortress 

Sunsets over Belgrade rivers are something extra ordinary. For those who do not know Belgrade Fortress is located on top of the 125 meter high ending ridge of the Šumadija geological bar. The cliff-like ridge overlooks the Great War Island (also called Lido)  and the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube, and makes one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in Belgrade.

Partying in Belgrade 

Belgrade is known as one of the most fun cities in Europe. So do not hesitate to party in one of the famous Belgrade rafts during the summer in the open air or even in the winter when the decks are open for party goers. Our favorite is the club 20/44.

Discover Underground Secrets of Belgrade 

The best way to experience this adventure is by booking Belgrade underground tour. It tends to reveal the most hidden secrets of this city.  Rich history is kept by caves, dungeons, walled rivers, tunnels, prewar bunkers and numerous constructions demolished and built by nations that settled in Belgrade during time.

Ride a Bike through Zemun & New Belgrade 

The best way to visit Zemun and New Belgrade is by taking a bike tour.

Zemun and New Belgrade are cities within a city with their own strong identity and many stories tied in to it.  You will first pass through New Belgrade, a socialist vision of a perfect city. An interesting mixture of politics and architecture that went through a number of different phases. The biggest communist palace built in these areas will be the first stop, the Palace of Serbia, then we will take a detour to see the curious example of brutalist architecture, the Genex tower, and then we’ ll be riding down to the river and reach Zemun afterwards.

In case you are looking for affordable accommodation in Belgrade be sure that our company City Break Apartments offers fully equipped apartments on the top locations in Belgrade for reasonable prices.

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