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The Bermuda Triangle In Belgrade

The Bermuda Triangle in the center of Belgrade… Sounds interesting, right?

Many older people from Belgrade, especially true bohemians, have really nice memories of the three pubs they used to call the Bermuda Triangle. Some of these older bohemians tell stories about how this whole neighborhood got that mystical name.

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Story says that regular customers in these pubs were, mostly, journalist and young writers looking for inspiration. Once they entered, days would pass until they came out. It was, like they somehow disappeared.

Parts of the Bermuda Triangle in Belgrade were “Sumatovac”, “Grmec” and “Pod lipom”, and they were located on the square, which today is known as Journalistic Square. Unfortunately, today they are not all on the same place. “Sumatovac” kept his place and although changed, it is still very popular. “Grmec” also changed and became an art pub, but “Pod lipom” is not part of this triangle anymore. So, some things have changed, but one thing is the same. These pubs are still favorite place for journalist, writers and other artists, but also for tourists who like to experience the spirit of art in Belgrade.
On that square is located a monument to Mosa Pijade, a famous journalist, painter, art critic and revolutionary. The idea of making this monument was born ten years after his death and it is work of sculptor Branko Ruzic. It represents one modern sculpture with Mosa Pijade in the center surrounded by a group of listeners.

The building “Politika”, or Palace “Politika” as some like to call it, is located behind the monument. It was built 1968. and all these years it is home to oldest daily newspaper, whose first issue came out in 1904. In the same building are also Politika radio and television channel.

In a very close neighborhood people can enjoy watching different performances in one of Belgrade’s most famous theatres, “Atelje 212″. It is located in Svetogorska Street. In front of the building there is a monument of Zoran Radmilovic, who was one of the best Serbian actors. He was very popular acting in the performance of Radovan III. His monument is the first colored sculpture in Belgrade.

A favorite place for actors from” Atelje 212″ is definitely “Srpska kafana”, located in the same street. This pub is much more than just a pub. It is some kind of other home, because the stuff is very kind and polite, and the atmosphere is pleasant so it really feels like home. With very long tradition, delicious dishes and many actors and other celebrities at the tables, this pub offers an unforgettable experience. Inside people can see the table where Zoran Radmilovic used to sit. Also, this pub is important because here was born the idea of manifestation “Street of open heart”, which is a very popular manifestation during the Christmas holidays.

Houses of many important people in Serbia are something that tourists should certainly visit. The house of Laza Lazarevic, famous doctor and writer, is located in Hilandarska Street. Today in this house is Children’s Department of the Belgrade City Library. In Svetogorska street there are the house of Uros Predic, famous painter, and Home of Jevrem Grujic which is the first house that was declared as Cultural monument of great value.
As you can see, this part of Belgrade is very interesting and full of possibilities. Tourists can enjoy theatre performances, drinking and relaxing in some great pubs, learn about Serbian painters and writers and visit their home, see monuments of great importance… And if all that is not exciting enough, very close there are The Republic Square with National Theatre and National Museum, pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova and bohemian quarter Skadarlija.

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In the end we can only say : “Come and enjoy”!
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