Apartment Klishe Zen

Hilandarska / Center

Located in the very center of old Belgrade, 200m away from the Republic Square. If you are coming by car, parking is available in a garage with security which is located next to the apartment building.

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Apartment Klishe Zen

Apartment Klishe Zen is located at the beginning of Hilandarska Street, next to the Radio Belgrade, in the city center, 200m from the Republic Square. Recently completely renovated, very modern and luxuriously decorated, with great sense for details. Although located in the center of all town events, it is extremely quiet, yard oriented, with a view of the greenery. Apartment “Kliche Zen” is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be centrally located in an environment that exudes charm, comfort and harmony.

Structure: A spacious living room, tastefully and comfortably furnished, separate bedroom with a dent to store clothes, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Living room has a folding three-seater couch of a double bed size, so that the apartments can comfortably accommodate up to 4 persons (2+2).

Instructions on how to use the TV remote control in the apartment Link


Additional Details

  • Trg Republike: 200 m
  • Kalimegdan: 800 m

Location In The City

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Notice: The Agency reserves the right to correct prices. Your booking becomes valid the moment you receive from us an e-mail or phone confirmation. The price does not include tourist tax in the amount of 159,00 RSD (1.4€) per person, per day. Children aged up to 7 years, persons residing in Belgrade and persons receiving medical treatment are not paying the tourist tax. Children from 7 to 15 years of age pay 50% of tourist tax.


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