Apartment Klishe Zen

Hilandarska / Center

Located in the very center of old Belgrade, 200m away from the Republic Square. If you are coming by car, parking is available in a garage with security which is located next to the apartment building.

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Apartment Klishe Zen

Apartment Klishe Zen discover Belgrade in style!  offers a luxurious and peaceful retreat in the heart of the city, just 200 meters from Republic Square. Recently renovated, the apartment is modern and designed with great attention to detail.


• Central location: Explore the best of Belgrade on foot!
• Luxurious ambiance: Relax in comfort and style.
• Peaceful courtyard: Escape the city noise and enjoy the greenery view.
• Spacious living room: Ideal for socializing with friends or family.
• Separate bedroom: Comfort and privacy for 2 people.
• Sofa bed: Sleeps up to 4 people.
• Fully equipped kitchen: Prepare delicious meals.
• Modern bathroom: Refresh yourself after exploring the city.

And that’s not all! Excellent restaurants, cafes, and bakeries are nearby. A supermarket is located across the street from the apartment. To plan your exploration, check out our “Feel Belgrade” suggestions.

Still not convinced? We offer other apartments at the same location:

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Book your dream vacation today!

Instructions on how to use the TV remote control in the apartment Link


Additional Details

  • Trg Republike: 200 m
  • Kalimegdan: 800 m

Location In The City

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Notice: The Agency reserves the right to correct prices. Your booking becomes valid the moment you receive from us an e-mail or phone confirmation. The price does not include tourist tax in the amount of 159,00 RSD (1.4€) per person, per day. Children aged up to 7 years, persons residing in Belgrade and persons receiving medical treatment are not paying the tourist tax. Children from 7 to 15 years of age pay 50% of tourist tax.


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