Apartment Urban Zen

Šafarikova / City center

Belgrade apartment Urban Zen, city center

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Apartment Urban Zen

– Bright and Cosy, Brand NEW, 3 Bedroom Apartment, 5 minutes by foot from pedestrian area. Huge Terrace, fantastic view – Unbeatable location. Designed 3 Bedroom Apartment + 1 living room – Capacity up to 6 persons. Bathroom – separate toilet. Fully equipped kitchen. Choose to stay in style at the very heart of Belgrade!
– Welcome 🙂

Apartment URBAN ZEN is located in the very heart of old Belgrade, Safarikova Street, 5 minutes by foot from the pedestrian area and Skadarlija
– Everything you need to see in Belgrade is around this location – Absolutely the best location you can find!
– There is a big terrace with fantastic view of the city.

URBAN ZEN is very stylish and cosy, completely renovated with the capacity of up to 6 people.
Check out our photos and you will get the right impression of the space.
The apartment is on the 7th Floor in the residential building with an elevator.

1. First Bedroom:
– double bed
– wardrobe

Second bedroom:
– 2 single beds ( can be set in a double bed)
– Wardrobe.

Third bedroom:
– One double bed, very cosy and sweet.

The living room – designed to make you feel really comfortable
– Open Space
– Beautiful, comfortable couch
– Dining table with chairs
– Flat TV,

Luxuriously fitted bathroom with toilet.

Location: Located IN THE VERY CENTER of the Old Town, Close to Knez Mihajlova, the pedestrian area and Skadarlija.


Additional Details

  • Republic Square: 200 m
  • Skadarlija: 200 m
  • National Assembly: 300 m

Location In The City

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Notice: The Agency reserves the right to correct prices. Your booking becomes valid the moment you receive from us an e-mail or phone confirmation. The price does not include tourist tax in the amount of 159,00 RSD (1.4€) per person, per day. Children aged up to 7 years, persons residing in Belgrade and persons receiving medical treatment are not paying the tourist tax. Children from 7 to 15 years of age pay 50% of tourist tax.


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