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Interwiev With Akiko Maeda Jordanovic

Belgrade can be very inspiring, especially in the spring. You can find and discover amazing people that live here. That is why City Break Apartments decided to surprise you and introduce you with interesting people that decided to come and live in Belgrade. 

This time we present you Akiko Maeda Jordanović

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am Akiko Maeda Jordanović. I am from Japan, married to Serbian. We met through the Internet. I came here about seven years ago to live with him. I am working as a web designer, mostly for Japanese companies as a freelancer. Now I am making my web site to write about Serbia, especially Belgrade, for travelers from Japan.

Are they interested in visiting Belgrade?
First of all, Japanese have a prejudice with Serbian image. They have an impression that this is a dangerous country and always ask is it dangerous. They get this connotation from TV because they see news about hooligans or gay parade incidents. They only have this impression and no other information so they feel that it is a dangerous country. That’s why I wanted to describe that it is really not.

Are you satisfied with your life in Belgrade?
Yeah, it is totally different from Japan. It is very interesting because every single thing I have been doing in Japan and here is different.

How satisfied are you with the representation of Japanese culture in Serbia? Admirers of Japanese culture organize various events every year and also Kendo is very popular sport. Do you take participation in this things?
I visited “kendo”, “judo”,  “ninjutsu” “karate”, “aikido” and “sumo” clubs in Belgrade to write about their activities.
Especially, “ninjutsu” club was interesting for me, because I have never seen ninjutsu club in my town.
It is good to see that foreign people are interested in some of our culture and try to continue it by their own.

What is your favorite street in Belgrade?
I like Kosančićev Venac. It is nice. Zemun also, totally different than rest of Belgrade. I like Dorćol, Vračar and here Stari Grad. I like to visit each block and walk in narrow streets because it is interesting to take pictures here. I want to describe each block and remember each name. This is Hilandarska right? From Hilandar…

Street names are interesting because some have many names in it like “Vojvode Mišića”, “Cara Dušana” or someone’s name. It is interesting – many names. It is different from my country.

Where do you mostly spend you free time in Belgrade?
I am mostly walking by the river. I live near Sava Centar. I start from there and pass Brankov bridge and go to Zemun. It takes 1.5 hour and for this season it is very nice to walk. I see that many Serbians are walking. They care very much for their health.

What would you recommend to all the people who are visiting Belgrade?
First general things like Trg Republike and to walk through Knez Mihailova to Kalemegdan. St. Sava Temple, Zemun…

Last time I went to the football stadium with Japanese guest because he wanted to see some match. I liked it very much. It was a nice day and its not the same when you watch it on TV. It’s very nice, I think I will go again. There is a Japanese player in “Sloboda”. I saw him for the first time and it makes me more curious. Japanese have many interest in football in Belgrade so they want to visit some places and some want to visit Đoković restaurant.

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