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How are apartments cheaper than hotels?

The answer to these questions is succinct and very simple: there are not as many people employed in hotels as they are in hotels, idling when there are not (enough) guests does not affect the business as much, there is not as much work for the guests of the apartments as those in the hotel, the owners of the apartments are not asked the criteria that hotel chain owners impose on themselves, the atmosphere is not so kurt and strict and the flexibility is on the side of the apartment. Lastly, you can always agree with the owner of the apartment on virtually every issue, which is by no means the case with hoteliers. All this together, little by little, affects the price of renting an apartment, well below what is required for an incomparably less spacious hotel room. Yes, the room is rented at the hotel, while the apartments are actually classic apartments adapted for short-term or
long term lease.

A lot of people are not yet familiar with the product apartment for a day, or rent an apartment. However, one should know that this is a very good alternative to classic hotel rooms. The apartments are offered fully furnished, with all the necessary appliances for a smooth and comfortable stay for an extended period of time. This option is ideal for traveler travelers who want to stay longer or shorter in a location, city, country … In recent years, the popularity of apartments has increased significantly, especially in the categories of tourists and business people, all for the following reasons: high level of privacy , comfort, personal preparation options, cheaper lodging and more. Such accommodation among users often has an additional name – long-term accommodation. The apartments are officially legal, so they fall under all regulations. So are those about categorization. Thus, all those who want this type of accommodation can choose from low-cost, low-cost commercial real estate to those in the de-luxury category. So who loves what. But anyway, one of the main criteria for choosing an apartment is its location. Most tenants prefer an apartment in the center. The reason is that everything is close so it does not depend on the timetable
city ​​traffic and not even taxis. However, there is another extreme, where people who rent an apartment require that it be as far from the center as possible. Everyone has their own reasons and tastes. Either way, almost all apartments cater to the demands of local and foreign guests.

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