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Guide To Serbian Wedding

Traditional Serbian weddings are often good reason to visit our beautiful capital of Belgrade. This traditional ceremony is often a tourist attraction itself because foreign visitors find it very amusing. It is interesting to watch the ceremonies from the streets of Belgrade and even more to attend one. So, lets look what our brief guide has to say.

Members of a weeding party:
Mlada (Bride), Mladozenja (Groom), Kum (Godfather), Kuma (Godmother), Stari Svat (Bridal’s couple Elder), Stara Svatica (Stari Svat’s wife), Dever (the Bridal’s couple best man-traditionally groom’s older brother), Barjaktar (the standard barrier of the Serbia flag) and last but not the least Domaćin (Host and the Master of Ceremony) and guests. However in the recent times other wedding traditions have often been incorporated into Serbian weddings, so that many Serbian wedding parties now often have ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls and ring boys like in the USA.

However, don’t jump to quickly to conclusions because Serbian weeding parties are one of a kind. Whether we are taking about the exciting Skup- pre-wedding festivities with food and traditional songs and the bartering for the bride’s hand, or the serenading of the bride by tambura or trumpet orchestra before she goes into the church. Sometimes guests dance traditional Serbian kolo on the streets outside of the church while coins are being tossed to promise luck and financial prosperity of the wedding couple.

After the Skup and the church ceremony wedding party continues usually in the restaurant. Dancing on a table or on the stage, drinking, talking, taking photos, eating happens usually until midnight. Almost at the end of the ceremony a big wedding cake or sometimes cakes are served.
It’s up to you to choose appropriate wedding gifts. Gifts should be original and useful to wedding couple, but not cheap. Guests usually tend to buy things for the house such as household appliance, home decor or some art pieces.
Additionally it’s up to you to choose your best outfit and whether you are going to treat photographers, singers and the orchestra and order your favorite songs.

And for the end don’t forget that our company is offering really cozy, beutifule and the most important affordable apartments on the top locations in Belgrade!
We are welcoming you to Belgrade and wishing you enjoyable stay!

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