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Restoran Byblos

Guide To Exotic Cuisine in Belgrade

Today we present a short guide to exotic cuisine in Belgrade.  We have opted for some genuinely authentic restaurants well worth checking out.


The oldest Lebanese restaurant in Belgrade is situated in the beautiful Karadjordjev park next to the famous temple of Sveti Sava. Guests can smoke nargilas (water pipes), drink the finest Lebanese wine, enjoy the flavours of the Eastern cuisine and watch the spectacle of Oriental dance. It certainly provides a memorable experience, but things that stand out from afar are definitely its lavish and flamboyant food specialties.  The famous chef Joe Barza together with the chefs of the Byblos has created a unique menu that combines the fusion of flavours well hidden in exotic and oriental mixtures and spices that one cannot but thoroughly enjoy. Therefore we highly recommend that you try some of the main dishes like shawarma; kebab or kafta; as well as cold and hot mezze such as  tabbouleh,  fattoush , hummus and many other delicious and “must try” starters.  From the wine selection we would recommend the Lebanese wine “kefraya” which is one of the three most famous wine producers in Lebanon.

Address:  6 Nebojsina St. ( the entrance from Karadjordjev park­­)

Mezestoran Dvoriste

Hidden away behind the building off Svetogorska Street with summer garden, indoor space and its parking lot , Mezestoran offers a rich variety of Mediterranean cuisine.:  Greek, Italian, Spanish and the Middle Eastern.  But also different spices and flavours, the olive oil from Crete, light salads and sea food tapas will truly awake the true spirit of summer. You might like to whet your appetite with a shot of local rakija or Greek metaxa  and then get a taster of some Pate Smoked aubergine with fresh cheese, Gambori with rice and saffron and Fresh mussels “Agio” in garlic sauce and wine and then shortly after you can move on to the main course.  In the end we suggest adding  even more flavour to your meal with super delicious krempita and a glass of wine from Cretan wineries.

Address: 46 Svetogorska St. 11000 Belgrade

Luda Kuća

Luda kuĆa is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in the city set up in 1997. While walking through Belgarde Promanade now you are able to buy delicious portions in a food trailer Luda Kuca. You can choose chicken with rice and vegetables or pork mixed with different spices. Sea food Chinese specialties are also on the menu.  This one definitely has our warm recommendation.

Address: 23 Vlajkoviceva St. 11000 Belgrade

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