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Glutenno The Very First Gluten Free Bakery In Belgrade!

We are pleased to announce to the guests of the City Break Apartments in Belgrade that our capital has just got its very first gluten free bakery. GlutenNo is a small company, the very first gluten free kitchen in Belgrade, founded by the Prostran family and created around the idea of providing gluten free products to celiac people with gluten intolerance and certainly of giving a chance to all others who are interested in healthy eating.

The idea came straight from the owner of the company who came down with serious health issues caused due to gluten intolerance unawares at the beginning. Facing limited insights and expertise among the locals, expensive products and a rather poor offer, he was forced to start with a small home production of gluten free products  and continuous experimenting on his own. Producers use rice, corn, buck wheat and millet flour as a base for their products, combined with other gluten free ingredients.  We would like to remind you that the most famous advocate of gluten-free diet is world No.1  tennis player Novak Djokovic, which basically means that you can eat a pizza Cappriciosa or Vesuvio or one of those tasty sandwiches and remain as fit as Novak.  Tennis player once noted how this gluten-free diet helped him a lot on his way to success because it made him feel lighter and fresher.

You can go to GlutenNo in Belvil and purchase products there or order by phone.  GlutenNo offers not only homemade gluten-free bread, pizza and sandwich but also fresh gluten-free cookies and muffins with lemonade. Combining cutting-edge blend of gluten-free flour-rice, buckwheat and millet with high nutritive value, GlutenNo is able to make very  healthy and tasty products.  There aren’t any emulsifiers or artificial dyes in the products whatsoever.

Whether you are a guest of the City Break Apartments or not , GlutenNo is our warm recommendation to all visitors of Belgrade.

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