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Fast Food In Belgrade

Let’s be honest – not everyone likes to cook, especially on holidays. Although our apartments are equipped with kitchens and all necessary utensils that will help you prepare your favorite dish, sometimes you are just not in the mood for cooking. Vacation is the perfect time to relax and not think about duties that could additionally occupy your time. If you prefer to grab a quick bite or have takeout food and enjoy it privately, we suggest you try some of the popular fast food places in Belgrade that are near our apartments.

1. For those who are staying in the apartment Downtown or apartment Belgrade Sky we suggest visiting Bucko pizza place, one of the most popular fast food joints that works until 02:00 am. They serve pizza and sandwiches. This place is special because you can choose the salad you wish on your pizza and they include beef, chicken, cheese etc. It is usually packed after hours and on weekends since everyone likes to visit this place after parties. It is located at Francuska street number 18, exactly across the Times and Mint apartments and just a couple of minutes from Downtown and Belgrade Sky.

If you are more into Greek food, a short walk will take you to the Skadarlija open market at Džordža Vašingotna street and to Goldy’s Gyros. Apart from gyros, they also serve different meals with meat, hot dogs, pancakes, pasta and salads. They claim that their food does not contain artificial additives and that their employees have undergone a training in Greece.

2. If you chose to stay in the apartment Klishe Zen, apartment Radio Funky or apartment Oaza apartments, you have a 24hour option to visit Orao pizza at Bulevar Despota Stefana 28 street. They have a restaurant that works after hours, but you can also choose to buy food from their take away counter. Pizza, sandwiches according to your choice, pasta and salads are some of the snacks in their offer, but you can also try Serbian typical deep fried Karadjordjeva steak or other deep fried specialties such as chicken, cheese, pancakes or Vienna steak.

Komša is just a minute or two from the apartments at Hilandarska street number 8. It is not exactly a fast food place because they offer cooked meals but you can also have a sandwich or a pie or some pastries. It is very convenient if you want to eat something healthy like a soup or vegetables. It is a typical local place and they don’t have a website, but it is very close to your apartment so if you are passing by do visit them and see their menu in person.

Bobo pasta Chef is a fast food restaurant specialized in Italian pasta. They offer a wide range of different pasta dishes and you can choose what type of pasta and sauce you want in your meal. If you are on a feast they will provide special pasta. Bobo is located at Kondina street number 16, so if you like pasta this is a perfect choice for delicious and quick taste of Italy.

3. If your place of residence in Belgrade is our apartment CityZen, then you can visit one of Belgrade’s favorite barbeque places – LOKI. It is a traditional and typical local venue where most of people like to drop by for some pljeskavica. It works 24h so you don’t have to worry about the time of your visit. They offer a large variety of meat which you can spice up with salads and spreads. It is located just a couple of minutes from the apartment, at Gospodar Jovanova number 27.

PACMAN represent them as the finest fast food in the city. They are just a minute or two by foot at Kralja Petra number 43. It is a relatively new place opened in 2012. You can choose between sandwiches, salads, pasta, risotto and soup of the day and finish your meal with something sweet (upon request).

We hope you fill find something to your liking. If you are more into bars, then we suggest you look at our previous post about places nearby where you can drink or eat and still feel like a local. You can read about it on Belgrade bars and restorants .

If you want to check other Belgrade apartments please visit our website Belgrade Apartments – City Break Apartments for more information.

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