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City Break Week Guide: What’s On In The City?

Hello dear visitors. This is the 7th post in our new weekly “City Break Week Guide” column.  Our goal is to make a short preview of the latest events in the city of Belgrade. So, let’s see what’s going on during this week and next weeks.


APGRADE – 27th May 2016, Barutana

Chris Liebing

Filip Xavi


Vlada Janjic

One of the most influenced german DJs Chris Liebing, will open a new season of Apgrade events on May 27th in Barutana. Filip Xavi, Monosaccharide, will be his support and Vlada Janic will open this party.

This year too, in the second season, Apgrade will host most famous world DJs, and first headliners will be known soon.

Tickets: Gigstix and Eventim, 890 dinars during the promo period, the second set of tickets will be more expensive.


Disciplin A Kitschme – 28th May 2016. (20:30), Garden of Student culture centre (SKC)

One of the most popular music bands, from this region, will hold the concert to remember. The inducement for this concert is a promotion of their latest album “Opet“ (Again).

New album doesn’t deviate from the concept of previous release “Uf“ , rhythm and groove are the basis, without redundant tones. By the way, album “Opet“ is the first album with the new drummer Rade Vulic – Vula, and the singer Manja Djordjevic and Igor Djeke on a mouth organ.

Tickets: box office of Dom Omladine, Eventim network, at promo price of 1 000 dinars.


Belgrade manifest – 27-29. May 2016, Kalemegdan fortress

Belgrade manifest is a great festival of events and destinations, designed to present authentic spirit, as well as cultural and touristic values of manifestations.

Programme of the festival connects tradition and modern time, created to provide entertainment for everybody, no matter of age or interests. Daily contents cherish family values while night contents are for youth.

Visitors will be able to enjoy music, dance, carnival, movies, delicious food, fireworks, balloon festival…

Entrance: Price for three-day tickets is 990 and for one-day ticket 350 dinars.


International Festival of Film Comedy  – Comedy Fest – 25 – 29. May 2016, cinemas in Serbia

First International Festival of Film Comedy  – Comedy Fest, will last for 5 days and will include 5 cities and 9 cinemas where 50 movies will be shown. Creator of this festival is Gordana Grubjesic, and founder and executive producers are Superstar Culture and FAME Solutions.

For the first edition of this festival, programme director Dragan Jelicic and selector of the festival Dimitrije Vojnov created nine program parts, that will present 15 premiere movies and 35 reprises. One creator of film comedy in Serbia will be awarded for a life work. Workshops, roundtables and discussions with guests from the region and abroad will be held too.

The idea of the creator of the festival is that film comedy should be taken seriously and with utmost importance, because comedy deserves that. In that honour, during this festival, many variations of this genre will be shown: black comedy, football comedy, Italian sexy comedy, this region comedy, crime comedy, student and short comedies, as well as romantic comedy. Complete programme and the list of the premiere will be published soon.

Movie projections will be held in these cinemas: Cineplexx in Usce, Kragujevac and Podgorica; Roda, Tuckwood, Kinoteka, Art cinema Kolarac, Arena in Novi Sad and Cadmus in Budva.


Balkan Writers Project – 27th May 2016, Mikser House

If you like to write and you have a bucket list, this project is the right thing for you! Intended for all the artist who are willing to share their own wishes and dreams.

Join the art global project “Before I Die“ that invites people to reconsider their lives and share their dreams with others, on more than 1 000 “Before I Die“ walls in more than 70 countries of the world.

Organisers of this project in Belgrade have decided to goo one step further and give the oportunity to everybody to write a short text about their wishes, and the best texts will be published in a book and represented at the public event. The book will be printed and shared to the authors and visitors. Writers will read their inspirational texts in front of the audience and visitors will be motivated to share their dreams, wishes, ideas and to create their own “Before I Die“ wall.

Join this event and share your dreams!


Zaba (frog) – 23rd May 2016 (21h), Mikser House

The play ‘’Zaba’’ is awarded masterpiece of Dubravko Mihanovic, directed by Elmir Jukic with a featured ensemble cast: Aleksandar Seksan, Mirsad Tuka and Moamer Kasumovic, lead by the winner of a“Golden Lion“ in Venice, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic.

The action of this play happens in Sarajevo and represents a life story of all of us. It is a story about today, misunderstanding, loneliness and search for love and the meaning of life. Actors, in the most authentic way, represent the people who cannot handle this era of disordered values and they achieve an incredible closeness with the audience identifying completely  with this story. The essence of this show is to send a message to the people to make important decisions by themselves and not to search for the guilt in others.

Tickets: Gigs Tix, 1 000 dinars for the first 50 tickets, regular price is 1 200 dinars.


Digital day 2016 – Ads we love – 25th May 2016 (09 – 17h), Dom Omladine

The topic of this year conference “Ads we love“  is intended to draw an important distinction between ad relevance and low-quality advertising that occasionally gives a bad reputation to the entire digital advertising industry.

Speakers at the conference are experts in digital advertising and they will present amazing technology behind our favorite ads and main factors that contribute to the success of digital advertising campaigns.

Entrance: tickets are available at the website and can be ordered for 80 euros.


Foto berza – 28th May 2016. (12-17h), Mikser House.

Foto berza is a selling exhibition of photo equipment where photography fans can buy new and used equipment, studio lighting, as well as collectors’ samples and antiquities. Except shopping, visitors can learn about the latest achievements and technologies in the segment of photography.

This event is a great opportunity for all photography lovers who wants to buy or sell something.

Entrance: Ticket will be available at the entrance for the price of 120 dinars.


Belgrade to Bowie – 27th May –  21th  August 2016, Yugoslav film archive

Project ‘’Belgrade to Bowie’’, dedicated to David Bowie is an exhibition of Brajan Rasic photographies, world famous music photographer and one of the official David Bowie photographers.

Rasic had many opportunities to capture some of the most interesting moments of music and private life of this famous artist. More than 100 of his photos will be exhibited in the new building of Yugoslav film archive, with the following programme of artists whose inspiration was Bowie. Beside that, visitors will be able to see movies, attend workshops and tribunes during those three months of the exhibition.

Phototour Belgrade

City Break Week Guide: What’s On In The City?

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