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Vracar Graffiti Guide

Vračar is a residential neighborhood of Belgrade located close to a city center. Next to municipalities of Stari grad and Savski venac, Vračar creates the central area of the city. It is known by cool bars, cafeterias and fancy restaurants Read more


Street Art In Belgrade

We continue in our style. We wrote about Savamala “Creative District” and Beton Hala restaurants on the riverfront in our previous articles. Today, we showcase more of Belgrade creativity. Some of local municipalities decided to redecorate gray facades of buildings Read more

Restoran Kran - Beton hala - enterijer

Visit Beton Hala Restaurants on the Riverfront

Beton Hala by Maja Simov Our previous article was dedicated to Belgrade’s creative district and hub Savamala. So, today we continue in the same direction. Guiding you through the most interesting and the coolest venues in Belgrade. Beton Hala (Concrete Read more

Zid u savamaloj

Visit Savamala Belgrade’s Creative District

Urban regeneration. Moving from urban decay towards urban chic. That’s Savamala. It all started around 2008. Renewal of ex industrial buildings, mostly warehouses are turned into art galleries, culture centers, bars and clubs. Public art beautifies devastated facades. Graffiti and Read more

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The Bermuda Triangle In Belgrade

The Bermuda Triangle in the center of Belgrade… Sounds interesting, right? Many older people from Belgrade, especially true bohemians, have really nice memories of the three pubs they used to call the Bermuda Triangle. Some of these older bohemians tell Read more

Apartman Knez mihajlova dnevna soba

Recommendation for Apartments in February 2015

As a recommendation of City Break Apartments for February we have selected for you the Apartment Knez Mihailova. It is situated in the perfect location in the heart of Belgrade, in the pedestrian zone, in Vuka Karadzica Street, next to Read more

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Christmas In Belgrade

Serbs are traditionally celebrating Christmas on 7th of January, according to an old calendar. When in Belgrade on 7th of January, you should visit one of the Orthodox temples, where the tradition of celebrating this religious holiday has not changed Read more

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New Year’s Belgrade Fever

New Year’s Eve is always an exceptional event, no matter where you plan to celebrate it and the New Year celebration in Belgrade is always a true spectacle. You can welcome the New Year in the best clubs, bars and Read more

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Winter Holidays In Belgrade

December is here and except from the cold weather, it also means the beginning of the holiday season which fills these cold and dark winter days with lights and joy. It’s the end of the year and despite the fact Read more

Easter in Serbia

This is the most important Christian holiday. Easter day around the world usually means celebration around the rich table with the loved ones. Easter day, representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, is the most important holiday for Read more