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Spend a day in Belgrade and stay forever!

Photo by Miljana Tomić Belgrade may not be the prettiest city in the World, and maybe not as breathtaking as Paris, or Rome. But, with its unique characteristics and details, eclectic architecture, amazing story of the empires which left their Read more

Foodporn – Gastronomic Perversion

Cetinjska 15 Sunday to Thursday 12:00 to 24:00 Friday and Saturday 13:00 to 1:00 The latest hip clubbing neighbourhood Cetinjska street is not only popular because of a large number of nightclubs, but as well after one place where the food Read more

5 places in Belgrade to satisfy your craving for sugar

Belgrade and this region in general have a great tradition for making various kinds of sweets. This is the consequence of the city’s dynamic history. Interaction of different civilizations created a wonderful mixture of culinary influences which makes it an Read more

5 Evergreen Things in Belgrade… even in Wintertime

Although not a typical winter destination, Belgrade is worth your visit even in wintertime. Unlike some European cities that have a tendency to be a seasonal destination, you are able to have a lot of fun in Serbia’s capital during winter months Read more

Restoran Byblos

Guide To Exotic Cuisine in Belgrade

Today we present a short guide to exotic cuisine in Belgrade.  We have opted for some genuinely authentic restaurants well worth checking out. Byblos The oldest Lebanese restaurant in Belgrade is situated in the beautiful Karadjordjev park next to the Read more

Viminacium domus

Where To: Spend A Day Out Of A City

If you have a day available and would like to meet more of Serbia than just Belgrade, there are some beautiful and exciting places that can be easily reached from the city within about an hour drive. Viminacium Archeological Park Read more