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5 Benefit of short-term apartment rental in Belgrade

Short-term rental of a furnished apartment, when you need temporary accommodation, is in most cases the best solution. If you are planning a vacation or business trip, then short-term apartment rental is the most economically viable solution. Apart from the Read more

Apartment in Belgrade City Zen

Three reasons why apartments are perfect for a family

Finding comfortable accommodation for your family is the number one task when planning a family trip. On vacation, business or whatever. Therefore, it is necessary to find a space where children can live safely with all their mischief, where all Read more

View from the Urban Zen apartment

Apartments – a great opportunity for business people

Apartments for people may sound like a completely new concept, but they are not. The concept of apartments has been popular for a long time, primarily because of the changed business and economic climate around the world and then because Read more

Apartman u Beogradu Molerova, strogi centar Beograda

How are apartments cheaper than hotels?

The answer to these questions is succinct and very simple: there are not as many people employed in hotels as they are in hotels, idling when there are not (enough) guests does not affect the business as much, there is Read more

Spend a day in Belgrade and stay forever!

Photo by Miljana Tomić Belgrade may not be the prettiest city in the World, and maybe not as breathtaking as Paris, or Rome. But, with its unique characteristics and details, eclectic architecture, amazing story of the empires which left their Read more