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Apartman u Beogradu Molerova, strogi centar Beograda

How are apartments cheaper than hotels?

The answer to these questions is succinct and very simple: there are not as many people employed in hotels as they are in hotels, idling when there are not (enough) guests does not affect the business as much, there is Read more

April Events in Belgrade

It’s like Belgrade always blossoms in April (in every possible way), and suddenly a whole array of events opens up in front of you. All sorts of interesting events worthy of your visit. No matter if you are on a Read more

Spend a day in Belgrade and stay forever!

Photo by Miljana Tomić Belgrade may not be the prettiest city in the World, and maybe not as breathtaking as Paris, or Rome. But, with its unique characteristics and details, eclectic architecture, amazing story of the empires which left their Read more