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8 Tips That Will Help You Rent An Apartment In Belgrade

Renting an apartment seems to be an easy and simple matter that could be done with two mouse clicks. Basically it is, but there are always few more details that you should keep in mind in order to be completely prepared for the procedure that is required for the check-in. This will help not only the agencies to provide better service but also travelers to complete everything quick and easy.

Having had a lot of experience in work with our clients, we would like to highlight some of the points that we think should be additionally checked.

1. General information
Whether you are renting an apartment through the website of the agency or some other booking platform, please always check every information regarding the place that you wish to rent. Consider any aspect that you might find important such as location, size, price, conveniences, amenities etc. Study the photographs that represent a certain place. Before clicking please double check, so you don’t get stressed out when you arrive. Sometimes people are not sure whether they have seen the right photograph, they might have forgotten the correct price or perhaps they booked one apartment when they actually wanted another one. This can be very frustrating for them as well as for the agency that wishes to provide best service to their guests.

2. Payment method
When booking an apartment please make sure that you are familiar with payment options. Some platforms will ask for your credit card number only because of the reservation, but that does not necessarily mean that you have paid your accommodation to the agency. Some agencies do not accept credit cards and will ask you to pay in cash upon your arrival. Always look for that information when booking a place to stay. If you are not sure, you can always contact the agency to find out the exact form of payment.

3. Tourist tax
In some cities you will be obliged to pay an additional fee such as tourist tax and its amount varies from place to place. In Belgrade, it is charged per person per day. We have had many situations when our guests were not expecting this, although they were explicitly informed about it. This guides us to our next tip.

4. Contact with agency
After booking an apartment via third parties such as booking platforms you should expect an e-mail from the agency that rents apartments. It will provide you with confirmation of registration and additional information about your stay. Please make sure to read it all carefully. If you are in doubt or have any questions at all do not hesitate to write and ask for more details. Discussion and further clarification will help both parties to better organize everything. In this way, unpredictable situations will be minimized and that will result in better quality of your time on holiday.

5. Arrival
After booking a place to stay and correspondence with your host agency, you will have to set a date and time of your arrival. Usually someone will wait for you in front of the apartment. It is of great importance to make an agreement about the time and to appropriately inform your hosts about any changes or postponement that might occur. Please have in mind that some agencies are very busy and that time is precious. There are other guests that are arriving and departing all the time so you probably wouldn’t like to wait for your check-in. Finally, if you expect other people to respect your time, please make sure to do the same. Please exchange contact numbers with the agency or host so that potential changes could be quickly adjusted.

6. Apartment
Upon your arrival, please look at the apartment and check if everything is like you have required: space, size, linen, towels and other things that are at your disposal. You are not obliged to pay if you decide that it is not something that you want although some agencies will require deposit when making reservation and it is not refundable in case of cancellation. If you find everything ok then it is time for the check-in procedure.

7. Checking in
This should be very quick and easy if you read everything that agency has informed you about. It includes payment (if you are paying in cash) and registration. You will be asked to provide your personal documents for registration just like in a hotel, hostel or any other place of residence. As
a tourist, you are obliged to register your residence in Belgrade and to pay tourist tax.

Before you arrive, check the currency in which you have to pay so that you could complete the procedure quickly. It would also help prepare the exact amount, so you don’t have to wait for any change.

After this, you will set up the departure time so that your host could come and check the apartment and pick the keys up. Exchange telephone numbers in case you wish to change your time.

8. Unpredictable situations
After all, people are just people and anything could happen. Sometimes, a previous guest has broken or damaged an item in the apartment you have booked. In that case, you will be probably transferred to another one. Also, some people might decide to change the arrival or departure time without giving information about this in advance so everything changes in the schedule and might cause a confusion and overlap. In any case, both parties should be patient and reasonable so that everything could be resolved as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind these tips when traveling and renting apartments so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. We hope we have helped you a little to know what you can expect. Keep calm and enjoy whenever you go 🙂

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