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8 Reasons why Business Travelers Chose Apartments over Hotels

The battle between hotels and apartments has been ongoing for years and it seems that hotels are slowly losing this fight. More and more guests turns to apartments as their head accommodation option, and the reasons for it are very clear and unambiguous, such as free wifi, more freedom and relaxed atmosphere. Although, many would think that this relates only to leisure travelers, a great percent of business travelers is turning their back on hotels and chooses to go private.

The fact that more and more companies are deciding to send their employees to apartments instead of hotels is also confirmed by the impressive list of clients which have bees housed in Belgrade by the City Break Apartments.

What are the main reasons for this?

1. Better price-quality ratio
Staying at an apartment comes up as a much more economic option for companies and their employees since price-quality ratio is better and more appealing when planning budget for business trips.

2. Payment thru company account/invoice
Unlike hotels that usually offer only paying options such as credit cards or cash, registered companies for short-term accommodation offer another option – paying thru a company account/invoice. By paying renting cost this way, business travelers can plan their costs upfront and in the same time they will avoid new, hidden costs that will potentially burden the budget and make problems.

Apartman Klishe Zen

3. Freedom
While hotels have strict house rules making you to pay attention to other guests and respecting their peace, as well you can’t practice your daily routine freely as at home, apartment stay offers you more freedom during your day, from the first morning coffee and breakfast until late evening hours and time for bed.

4. Feeling of home
Although nothing can replace that warm cozy feeling of your home, stay at City Break apartments can at least help minimize nostalgia while on a journey. All our apartments are designed with idea to make you feel completely relaxed and enjoy your stay as if it were you “home away from home”.

5. More comfort
Since you can get a 20sq meter room in a hotel and a private apartment twice the size of a hotel room at the same price, business travelers usually prefer more comfort for the same cost. In addition an apartment offers more privacy, no disturbance by the hotel staff and no hotel noise, which will enable business travelers to finish their business more efficiently thus making more room for relaxation and city sightseeing.
As well, companies can book larger apartments with two or more bedrooms for their employees at a lower price, which will reduce costs. When we add to that availability of common spaces such as living room or dining room, which are suitable for brainstorming and fully equipped kitchen for guests who prefer homemade dishes, the final calculation will always go in favor of private apartments.

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6. Close to office
Since apartments are available at numerous locations around the city, business traveler will have no problem finding the one which is perfectly close to their office thus saving their time in transportation and making their navigation thru the city easier.

7. Transfer
City Break Apartments offers to all guests transfer to and from airport, office or any other destination in Belgrade. This kind of mobility will save your time and optimize daily schedule.

8. Ideal option for long term stay
Large number of business travelers often stay on their business journeys more than couple of days and in that case private apartments have shown as better option from several reasons. First, long term apartment accommodation is less expensive than stay at hotel; during their stay, you will forget that you are actually on a trip since all City Break Apartments are designed to offer that warm feeling of home; relaxed and cozy atmosphere will help you adjust and overcome separation from family and hometown easier thus making the journey pass faster and without problems.

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