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6 reasons why renting a city center apartment is better choice…

Whether you are coming to Belgrade for a sightseeing, business, to party, go to a concert or have a surgical intervention, location of your accommodation is one of your top priorities. Some will decide to take an apartment in the vicinity of desired location, business space or a clinic (which is often away from a city center), while the other will probably take time to decide what is better for them… For all of you who are still undecided and have dilemma regarding the accommodation location, here are a couple of reasons why renting a city center apartments is a better choice.

1.Center of the city as a center of the world

Maybe that’s not the case with some other world capitals, but when staying in the center of Belgrade, you will be in the epicenter of happenings. Main city attractions (Kalemegdan, Republic Square, Skadarlija), pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova, galleries and numerous museums, concert halls, theaters… everything is situated right here. When your apartments is in the heart of the city, everything that comes to your mind will be at the top of your hand. And although many wouldn’t expect that, prices are low and quite affordable.

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2. Sightseeing without hassle and wandering around

When staying in city center, you’ve solved your biggest problem – how to get to the city center when in the city for the first time! Without public transport, taxi or needless wandering around the city looking for right direction, everything is right in front of you. You will plan your sightseeing tours quickly and without fuss, will be able to go on foot and have no problem in reaching your destination with no public transport used.

3. Divers offer of restaurants and cafes

Rich gastronomic offer of Belgrade restaurants is very much concentrated in the very center of the city, and while walking thru central city streets you will be offered a rich selection from national cuisine to Mexican, Chinese, Italian or French specialties and unavoidable Skadarlija, the street known after old kafanas and restaurants that offer Serbia cuisine.

4. Ideal for business travelers on tight schedule

Since business travelers spent most of their time working in the office or having meetings, thanks to the centrally located apartment, they will have an opportunity to “still” some free time during evening to enjoy a short walk or a dinner in a restaurant. There’s no better way to end a busy day but by having a glass of wine over dinner in a nearby restaurant..

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5. Shopping

Maybe Belgrade is not a shopping mecca, but here you will for sure enjoy in divers offer, from large shopping malls to šoping street Knez Mihailova, small vintage boutiques and designer shops where renowned Serbian designers and creative artists have presented their works. And all that can be found in a center of the city or very close to it, so your hands won’t get tired from carrying all those bags around.

6. Vicinity of night life

Belgrade is known worldwide after its party life and a big number of visitors comes to Belgrade from this reason. Although clubs are scattered around the city, most popular clubs, as well as clubbing districts such as Savamala, Sava coast or Cetinjska Street are situated in the center of Belgrade. When staying in one of City Break apartments, everything will be at the tip of your hand and coming home after a wild night in the city will be simple and easy, without need for public transport

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