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5 Ways to Truly Relax on Your Next Vacation in Belgrade

Find Accommodation 

The first step is to book a right accommodation. It should be on a prime location, but also in a quiet neighborhood of the city where you can feel safe and relaxed. Your accommodation should be comfy and modern. Therefore, use City Break apartments agency and ask them to recommend you the most luxurious apartments with jacuzzi bath and other nice amenities.

 Visit clubs but don’t wait in a line 

You would probably prefer to visit the “hot spots” of the city. The most popular clubs have their own door policies so it’s not so easy to enter and find a free table. To avoid waiting in a long lines and other problems such as transport use Belgrade at night service and experience city’s nightlife to its fullest.

Book a table in the finest restaurants in the city

The restaurant scene is big. Don’t go wasting your time and effort on restaurants that nobody  heard about. Best restaurants are located in the residential neighborhood of Vracar (Frans, Dijagonala, Madera), in Zemun (Salon 5, Saran), in Skadarlija bohemian quarter (Dva Jelena, Tri Sesira), in Savamala (Ambar, Frida, Toro, Comunalle). Skip being rejected and ask your host to book a table for you and your friends.

Relax in the swimming pool of Square Nine hotel 

 If you feel tired and exhausted since your night out you can do some sports such as cycling or jogging on the Ada lake and alongside Sava and Danube promenade, or even play some tennis in Novak Djokovic tennis centre. If you feel like you need a spa & wellness with 18 long pool drop by Square Nine hotel.

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Top 5 Applications For An Unforgettable Weekend In Belgrade!

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