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5 Evergreen Things in Belgrade… even in Wintertime

Although not a typical winter destination, Belgrade is worth your visit even in wintertime. Unlike some European cities that have a tendency to be a seasonal destination, you are able to have a lot of fun in Serbia’s capital during winter months with its year-round attractions. And even though they are not your typical winter fun activities, you can add some extra zing to your visit with these 5 (and 1 extra) destinations.

1. Kalemegdan

Belgrade’s historical fortress dating back to Roman times has a special charm during winter. Its wonderful park hidden between the blend of ancient, medieval and modern walls and towers, when covered with snow, will give you a special kind of a romantic feeling and soon enough you will find yourself on a journey back in history. Kalemegdan will provide with a perfect ground for a walk for all, from couples and bird watchers to history buffs and weaponry enthusiasts.

momak i devojka gledaju zalazak sunca sa kalimegdana
Photo Credit : chat des Balkans-Flickr

2. Nikola Tesla Museum

By the time you feel the need to warm up your bones after that exciting walk, you will reach a perfect year-round indoor activity. Belgrade is the home for a museum dedicated to one of the World’s greatest scientists – Nikola Tesla. Even if you are not that keen on physics and technology, this institution offers state of the art interactive display of Tesla’s inventions and an insight into his private life that will keep everyone on the tip of their toes. At one moment, you will be standing next to a giant generator which will flash lightnings above your head and the neon light will shine up in your hands.

Photo Credit: Nikola Tesla Museum

3. Escape Rooms

After conquering numerous European capitals, escape room mania has finally come to Belgrade. A one-hour long adventure for all puzzle lovers who like to keep their brains occupied with mystery solving during their vacations. Diversity of themes, from locally inspired such as Tesla and Tito to universal like vampires or secret agents allures numerous city visitors to their secret chambers – all with only one goal to solve the puzzle and escape the room before the time runs out.

katanac na vratima
Photo Credit: escape-room

4. Skadarlija

Belgrade’s bohemian quarter is a perfect pit-stop for when your fuel starts hitting the low mark. This old-style cobblestone paved street is packed with traditional restaurants with menus filled with mouthwatering Serbian specials. Gastronomic delights, alongside local wines and brandies, with the authentic Balkan-style sounds of live music in the background will make both your stomach and soul full.

Photo Credit: Maya Maceka-Flickr

5. Nightlife

Nightlife is something that never goes out in Belgrade. Every day of the week, every week of the month, the whole year, no matter how low the temperatures are. Even though the popular river nightlife is not an option during winter, you will have countless possibilities for a great night out in the city, whatever kind of music you like (pop, dance, electronic, folk, indie, techno, etc.). From Savamala and Cetinjska clubbing district to pioneers of Belgrade’s nightlife such as The Tube and Plastic.

photo Credit: Showroom

Bonus track – Avala Tower

Though sometimes hard to reach during winter, Belgrade’s TV tower located on the mountaintop of Avala, offers an all-year panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. You will enjoy some breathtaking scenery from the restaurant situated on the 119th meter above ground or the 122 meter high observation deck with a 360 degrees acces. And it’s opened everyday!

Photo Credit: Avalski toranj FB
Restoran Byblos

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