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5 Benefit of short-term apartment rental in Belgrade

Short-term rental of a furnished apartment, when you need temporary accommodation, is in most cases the best solution. If you are planning a vacation or business trip, then short-term apartment rental is the most economically viable solution. Apart from the fact that you have a fully furnished apartment at your disposal, with as many rooms as you need at a given moment (the choice is quite wide, so it includes apartments starting from studios, to apartments with more bedrooms).

Cheap apartments

If your budget is low, the best solution is to rent an apartment because it will save you a lot of money compared to the price of hotel accommodation. Apartment owners have lower prices, which will ultimately save a considerable amount of money in their pocket. Compare and see for yourself – apartments are definitely a more cost-effective solution than anything else.


Apartment = house. If you choose apartment accommodation, you will definitely enjoy all the privacy benefits at the highest level. You have full control over all the keys to the apartment, so the staff in charge of hygiene and cleaning will not and cannot disturb you at times when you want to sleep or no one is “harassing” you. In addition, there is no registration form where you have to leave your key when you leave or wait for the receptionist when you want to return to your accommodation.

More places

The apartments offer a much larger area than hotel rooms. True, there are hotels where you can rent real presidential suites, but in the end it will cost you as if you – almost – bought a property somewhere in the same city. This is not the case with apartments, because they are intended for the stay of a larger group of people or families. Therefore, the price per person is incomparably lower than in hotel accommodation.


Most hotels offer small living areas, which will most likely not meet all the needs of the guest, and if you rent a larger unit, then you have to spend more money. Disproportionately more. So renting an apartment is the best solution. Apartments save you money in many other ways: for example, in order to relax, it is not necessary to go to nightclubs that will bring you a considerable amount of money. You can also have a party in your apartment.

The environment

The feeling of belonging will not change too much when you stay in the apartment. The home feeling plays a big role in the quality of the stay, but also in its length. Even when you are far from home, cuisine and gastronomic specialties do not necessarily have to change. What’s more, you can treat the locals and “neighbors” to the specialties of your area. So, renting an apartment always has advantages over hotel accommodation.

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